Josh and Jen Schwalb, organizers of the annual Great American Jeep Rally are building a tribute “Folded Flag” Jeep to sweep across the country, hitting major events, and giving an honorable tribute to veterans of all services.


This 2015 Jeep JK was purchased by Josh’s Step Father, Stephen Downing, at the start of 2015 in the hopes to get out into the woods more and to come to the non-profit event, the Great American Jeep Rally in CT. However, he passed away a few months before the event and was not able to come. Josh and his wife Jen want to build this tribute Jeep in his honor. Stephen was a multi-war veteran, serving in the Air Force, Air National Guard and the Army National Guard . He served in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm.


Our family also has other family members in the Marines and the Navy, so to us, this Jeep is a tribute to all service men and women. Once the Jeep is at a show ready condition, we plan on bringing it across the country to numerous events. We also hope to be able to use this Jeep to help get veterans out onto the trails and have them enjoy the same sport we do. The Folded Flag Jeep will be a focal point for veteran involvement in off-road activities and events.

Core Custom Creative 2015